Health, Bank and Post Office

  • The residents of the Hostel are to become members of the World University Service (WUS) of North Campus/ South Campus Health Centre, maintained by the University. The Centre’s facilities are open during fixed timings notified by the Centre. In case of illness, residents should contact the Health Centre for assistance. When the Health Centre is closed, the residents are advised to contact the Chief Medical Officer or other sources for assistance through the Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor. Health Centre membership forms are to be filled in at the time of admission to the Hostel.
  • Any case of illness should be immediately reported to the authorities. First aid box is available in the Hostel in the medical room. A nurse is available between 12 noon and 8 pm on all weekdays and a doctor visits the hostel thrice a week.
  • In case a resident falls ill with a contagious/ infectious disease, she will have to shift to her authorized guardian’s/ parents’ house/ Infectious Diseases Hospital immediately. She will be allowed to rejoin the Hostel only upon her complete recovery. Fitness to rejoin the Hostel is to be obtained from the Delhi University WUS Health Centre. All such students must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the Hostel.

Bank and post office facility is available for students near Delhi University North campus main gate (No. 1).