Re-admission to the hostel

Admission to the hostel is made for a period of one academic year. Residents, who wish to re-join the hostel for the 2nd/ 3rd year and 4th year in case of B.Tech., need to apply afresh for each year.

6.1 All eligible students seeking Hostel readmission for the new academic session should register online and submit their Hostel application within one week of declaration of their result.

6.2 Proof of permanent residence must be submitted afresh at the beginning of each academic year.

6.3 Those students who were admitted on the basis of Sports or other quota are required to do so against the same quota, else they will be treated as fresh applicants.

  • The following residents will not be considered for re-admission
    • Those who have failed in their respective university examination, dropped out or have been detained because of shortage of attendance. (A change of course from Honours to Pass Course by a failed student will not entitle her to get readmission in the hostel.)
    • Those who have ER in one or more subjects in the Ist year examination.
    • Those who have ER in IInd year will not be considered for admission to the IIIrd
    • Those who have secured less than 40% marks in the first year and second year.
    • Those who were admitted on the basis of excellence in sports/ ECA but have not performed satisfactorily in those activities. A certificate to this effect from a competent authority has to be submitted along with the application for readmission.
    • Those who have violated the Hostel rules or committed acts of misconduct or indiscipline in their college or Hostel, and the Hostel Administration has decided to drop them.
    • Those who have not fulfilled the necessary attendance requirement of the concerned college.
    • Those who have submitted false affidavits.
    • Depending on the number of available seats, re-admission will be based on merit in the 1st year/ 2nd year University examination.