Cancellation of Hostel Admission

Admission of a resident may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:

12.1  Involvement in ragging.

12.2  Non-payment of dues for more than 30 consecutive days.

12.3 Keeping guest/s without permission.

12.4  Cessation of regular studentship.

12.5  Violation of rules and discipline.

12.6  Suppression of facts and/ or providing wrong information.

12.7  Forging parents’/ authorized guardian’s signature.

12.8  Making casteist, communal or racist remarks against other students.

12.9 Not clearing or not appearing for the odd semester examinations.

12.10 Submitting false affidavits at the time of admission.

Residents are not to plead ignorance of the rules and regulations contained in this Bulletin of Information and also any notified modification made from time to time. The same set of rules will be applicable to all the students under Exchange Program (National as well as International), as well as to all the Guest Residents.