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From the Provost’s Desk

It is my very great pleasure to welcome you to Under Graduate Hostel for Girls (UGHG). The hostel is an initiative of the University of Delhi and caters to the residential needs of the undergraduate community. It is the first hostel to accommodate students from 49 Colleges/ Departments comprising both the North and South campus of Delhi University.  The hostel provides a serene environment for the healthy development of the young girls coming from various parts of the country. To aid their all-round development, the hostel is equipped with sports facilities, a reading room, a common room and other facilities. The annual calendar includes lectures and cultural events, to provide intellectual and creative experiences, of lasting importance, for every student.  On behalf of the hostel authorities, I again extend a very warm welcome and wish you a pleasurable and rewarding stay at the hostel.  I look forward to getting to know you as the year unfolds.  Prof. (Dr.) K. N. SARASWATHY Department of Anthropology

Hostel address : Under Graduate Hostel for Girls, Delhi University, Dhaka Hostel Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009.