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All residents of the hostel are required to be present in the Mess for a meeting with the hostel authorities on 13 September, 2018 at 5:00 pm. Attendance is compulsory.




Students from II and III year seeking admission in UGHG are instructed to

  • Fill up the Fresh Registration form (not re-admission).
  • Not to submit their form until their result is declared, or their form will be rejected.




Students seeking readmission may

  • Fill up the readmission form which has been activated
  • Fill up the Application Form
  • Attach their I/ III Semester marksheet
  • Submit an undertaking on plain paper declaring that they will submit their marksheet of II/ IV Semester within 7 days of declaration of result and fee receipt from the college within 7 days of submission of result, failing which their admission may be cancelled.
  • Submit the completed Application form in the hostel office.
  • Pay the fees when they receive the link. Submit the same to the hostel office.

They will be provided provisional admission until the criteria are fulfilled.



  1. Online registration has started from 19 June, 2018. Register and pay registration fees at the hostel website.
  2. Take a printout of the application form, write your registration number, fill up the form.
  3. Get your qualifying marks for admission verified and your photograph attested by the Principal of your college.
  4. Attach all required documents and submit to the hostel office between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm (Monday to Saturday).
  5. First admission list has been uploaded.
  6. Forms received in the hostel office until 5:00 pm on 10 July, 2018 will be considered for the second admission list, which will be notified by 17th of July, 2018.
  7. Please watch this site for all important announcements.
  8. The last date of receipt of forms will be notified at this website after the University notifies the date of closure of undergraduate admissions.


Congratulations on being admitted to UGHG hostel. You may now join the hostel on 19-07-2018 after lunch-time. Only dinner will be served on 19th. Thereafter, full menu will be served 20th onwards.

Please show your fee receipt at the hostel office.

The Admission Form is now activated. Please fill it up online to facilitate maintaining your record.

Please also fill up the WUS application form and identity card form, available with the hostel office.

Bring all relevant documents, including photographs, as mentioned in the admission list.

You will be allotted a room by the caretaker. Satisfy yourself that it is in order. The rooms are freshly whitewashed. You are requested not to deface them, or you may have to face a penalty.

On behalf of the UGHG fraternity, I wish you all a pleasant and fruitful stay at the hostel. May all your dreams, wishes and expectations be fulfilled.




  1. The last date for registration and receipt of application forms in the hostel office is 31 August, 2018. No extension of this date will be given.
  2. The last and final Interview List VI will be uploaded around 3 September 2018 for interviews to be held around 06 September, 2018. Please watch this site for important announcements.
  3. Some new names have been added in Interview List IV scheduled for interview tomorrow in view of the inadvertent inclusion of some names from Interview List III. Those students who may find it difficult to appear for interview at short notice will be given another opportunity to appear for interview in the last and final interview to be held around 25 August 2018.



From the Provost’s Desk

t is my very great pleasure to welcome you to Under Graduate Hostel for Girls (UGHG).

The hostel is an initiative of the University of Delhi and caters to the residential needs of the undergraduate community. It is the first hostel to accommodate students from 49 Colleges/ Departments comprising both the North and South campus of Delhi University.

 The hostel provides a serene environment for the healthy development of the young girls coming from various parts of the country. To aid their all-round development, the hostel is equipped with sports facilities, a reading room, a common room and other facilities. The annual calendar includes lectures and cultural events, to provide intellectual and creative experiences, of lasting importance, for every student.

 On behalf of the hostel authorities, I again extend a very warm welcome and wish you a pleasurable and rewarding stay at the hostel.

 I look forward to getting to know you as the year unfolds.

 Dr. Rita Kakkar

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Under Graduate Hostel for Girls, Delhi University, Dhaka Hostel Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009.

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