1. The Medical Certificate is part of the Application Form and is to be signed by the Candidate only in the Application Form itself.UGHG does not require you to get a medical certificate from a hospital. Simply fill in the details in the Application Form and the candidate should sign the declaration herself regarding her medical fitness. Please note that non-disclosure of critical illness will be treated seriously by the authorities.
  2. The online form is simple and can be easily filled in even on an Android phone. In case of any difficulty in filling up the form, please approach the hostel staff. They will be ready to help. Fill it yourself to avoid problem later on.
  3. The anti-ragging and anti-Sexual Harassment forms are part of the Application Form. Simply print out the relevant pages on plain paper and sign them (Candidate and parents). There is no need to submit a court affidavit.
  4. Please approach our Security guards in case you face any other difficulty.