Hostel Timings and Leave Rules for Residents

  • Residents are required to report to the Hostel by 8:00 P.M. sharp. It is mandatory for every resident who is present in the Hostel premises to have herself marked present in the attendance register during dinner time.
  • No resident or her designated female guest is allowed to leave the Hostel premises after 8:00 P.M.
  • Late night, short- and long-term leave:

Important: Parents must specify on the Hostel admission form of their ward whether late night/ night out is to be granted to their wards or not. In case such permission is granted, the responsibility for their ward during late night/ night out rests on parents and the local guardians of the residents, not on the Hostel administration.

Note: No resident can leave the Hostel for late night or night out without written permission from the Provost/ Warden/ Resident Tutor/ Housekeeper.

Leave will not be sanctioned on telephone call from the local guardian.

No resident will be permitted to stay overnight at any place except those authorized by the parents.

Each resident will be issued an Identity Card and leave book. The loss of ID card and leave book is to be immediately reported to the office of the Hostel. New leave book can be obtained after getting permission from the Provost and paying the cost of the ID card and/ or leave book, in addition to a fine of Rs. 50/-.

  • A resident is permitted a total of six late nights till 10.00 p.m. per month at her own risk and responsibility. Prior permission to this effect is to be obtained from the Warden/ Resident Tutor/ Housekeeper.

Note: Late night cannot be converted into night leave.

  • Parents must submit on the Hostel application form the names of not more than two persons as local guardians, along with their complete contact details. The local guardian/s will be responsible for the welfare of his/her ward in case of an emergency/illness. Complete contact details of the local guardians are to be provided, along with self-attested copies of valid photo-identity proofs.
  • Residents can avail leave of absence on weekends at their own risk after recording the necessary details in the Leave Register, such as address and telephone number of her parents or parents’ approved local guardian. Besides weekend leave, a resident can avail four night outs in a month. A resident availing night leave without prior intimation will be liable to disciplinary action.
  • Permissions for leave of absence exceeding three consecutive days, i.e. long leave, may be granted by Warden/ Resident Tutor on application made in advance with proper recommendation from parents/ authorized Local guardian. The details are required to be recorded in the leave register and leave book, which is required to be signed by the concerned authority. Residents are required to pay all outstanding dues before proceeding on long leave.
  • In case of academic excursion/ field work, the residents must get their leave application duly forwarded by the Principal of the respective college/ Head of the respective Department/ Director CIC and submit the same to the Hostel office to get necessary permission before proceeding on leave.
  • In case a resident is on leave and wants to extend her leave, she should write or intimate the same to the Hostel authorities for permission in advance, signed by her Local Guardian/ Parents as the case may be to the Hostel office.
  • Before returning to the Hostel, the Leave Book must be duly signed by the parent/ authorized guardian as the case may be, and after coming back to the Hostel, it must be countersigned by the concerned Hostel authority.
  • Residents remaining absent without permission will be liable to disciplinary action including cancellation of admission. The Hostel authorities will be compelled to get her room vacated as per the Hostel rules and regulations and to allot it to another eligible student. In such cases, the luggage of the resident/guest resident would be handed over to her after she clears all the Hostel dues.

Repeated long absence from the Hostel is liable for disciplinary action.