Guests and Visitors of Bonafide Residents:

11.1. Following female guests may be allowed to stay with a resident after obtaining written permission from the Hostel administration:

  • In special cases, a lady friend, mother/sister of the resident is permitted to stay as guest, with prior permission of the Warden/ Resident Tutor. The prescribed guest forms are available in the Hostel office.
  • The permission to stay up to three nights in a month will be granted by the Warden/ Resident Tutor. The night stay charges for night-guests are Rs. 200/- per night (Rs. 125/- per day for lodging + Rs. 75/- per day for electricity and maintenance charges).
  • Full details of the guest are required. Guest and host both have to sign the Guest Register both at the time of entry and at the time of exit. The guest has to submit the identity card to the security guards at the gate.
  • Guests may have food in the Hostel mess by buying food coupons available in the mess.
  • The registered guests are required to be back in the Hostel in time and follow Hostel rules as laid down for residents of the Hostel. Applications for permission for late night/ night leave have to be made as per rules with signatures of both the guest and the host.
  • No guest will ordinarily be allowed to stay in the Hostel for more than three nights. In case an extension of stay is necessary, fresh permission may be sought from the Hostel authorities in writing. The maximum period of stay may not exceed seven days in a month.
  • A student against whom any disciplinary action has been taken by any Hostel or Department or College of Delhi University will not be allowed to stay in the Hostel as a resident or as a guest.
  • Applications from students coming from other Universities/ Institutions for attending Delhi University Conferences, consulting Delhi University Library, etc., and the Undergraduate Exchange Students to Delhi University are required to be submitted through proper channel well in advance. Such guests needing accommodation for more than one month are required to deposit 5000/- (refundable) in advance as caution money. They will be charged Rs. 200/-per day (Rs. 125/- per day for lodging charges + Rs. 75/- per day for electricity and maintenance charges). In addition, they will be required to pay Rs. 75/- per night as bedding charges. They are also required to buy meal coupons from the office in advance as per the charges fixed by the mess during their stay in the Hostel. Since meals are compulsory during stay in the Hostel, no concession will be given for skipping any meal (breakfast/ lunch/ tea/ dinner).

Note: The foreign students under exchange programme will pay $100 as onetime fee (non-refundable) in addition to the above guest charges. 

  • All guest charges including meal charges of the mess are to be paid in advance.
  • The overnight stay of any UNAUTHORIZED PERSON in the Hostel will be considered a severe violation of Hostel discipline. Any resident violating this rule shall be liable to disciplinary action.
  • The Hostel authorities reserve the right to refuse permission or cancel permission for stay of any guest at any time without assigning any reason.

11.2. Rules and Timings for visiting guests

11.2.1  VISITORS:

             Male Visitors

Week Days                                                 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sundays and University Holidays        10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

No visitors are allowed on the day of HOLI.

The Residents are not permitted to receive any male visitor either in the Dining hall, common room or in their rooms of the Hostel.

             Female Visitors

All days except on the day of HOLI                8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Visitors are to be received only in the Visitor’s area.

All visitors must leave the Hostel by the time specified above.

All the hostel rules are applicable to the guests/ visitors.

The concerned resident will be responsible for the conduct of her guest/ visitor.