In addition, GST, as applicable per Government of India’s rules, may be charged extra on sevices (laundry, medical, security, housekeeping).

5.1. Fee Structure:

A: Caution Money:                                                                                                                 Rs. 8000/- (Refundable)

B: Annual Charges:

S. No. Particulars Amount in Rs.
1 Admission fee 200/-
2 M/o Furniture 500/-
3 Identity card and night leave book 110/-
4 Fixed electricity charges to be paid to TPDDL 3000/-
5 Electrical charges for common facilities 1000/-
6 M/o Electrical Accessories (Tube-lights, Fans, Starters, etc.) 1000/-
7 Hostel Development Charges 550/-
8 WUS Health Centre Charges 240/-
9 Computer charges 1000/-
10 Common room 500/-
11 Sports fee 250/-
12 Cultural activities 600/-
13 Student Welfare Association fund 300/-
14 Establishment charges 1500/-
15 Generator Maintenance 450/-
16 Laundry 2000/-
17 Medical charges 900/-
  Total 14100/-


C: Semester Charges

S. No. Particulars Amount in Rs.
18 Housekeeping 2500/-
19 Electricity charges 2750/-
20 Water charges 1100/-
21 Room rent 500/-
22 General maintenance charges 1500/-
23 Pump House operation 500/-
24 Garden and Lawns maintenance 1200/-
25 Security charges 3000/-
  Total 13050/-


D: Mess Charges

26 Mess advance (one time) 1500/-
27 Tentative monthly mess bill 2500/-+18% GST


Total Mess Charges (July 20-Dec. 19, 2017) = 2500×5 = Rs. 12,500/- + Rs. 2250/- (GST) + Rs. 1500/- (Advance)

5.1.1    The total amount payable at the time of admission:

            Fees (A + B+ C) = 8000 + 14100 + 13050 = Rs. 35,150/-

            Mess charges (D) = 16,250/-

As per Executive Council Res. No. 516 dated 24/02/1983, students with visual impairment are exempted from the payment of room charges and establishment charges of the Hostel.

5.1.2 Guest (stay for more than 15 days)

Caution Money: Rs. 8000/- (Refundable)

Amount in Rupees per month

S. No. Particulars Amount in Rs.
1 Housekeeping 500
2 Electricity charges 1100
3 Water charges 600
4 Room rent 1800
5 General maintenance charges 500
6 Pump House operation 150
7 Garden and Lawns maintenance 300
8 Security charges 600
9 Miscellaneous (Common room, Library, Computer, Generator, etc.) 500
10 Medical charges 200
11 Laundry charges 200
  Total 6450/-

Mess advance (one time) – Rs. 1500/-

Tentative mess charges–Rs. 2500/- per month + 18% GST

Total to be paid per month

First month – Fees = 8000+6450 = Rs. 14,450/-

Mess fee = RS. 4450/-

Subsequent months: 6450 (fee) + 2500 (mess fee) + 450 (GST) = Rs. 9,400/-

5.2       The Electricity charges may be revised if TPDDL decides to revise rates.

5.3       Housekeeping and Security charges may be revised, in case minimum wages are revised by Delhi Government.

5.4       Monthly mess bill will be charged as fixed by the Mess contractor based on menu to be served. The account of the mess shall be controlled by the Hostel office. The menu will be decided by the Mess Committee in consultation with the mess contractor in the beginning of the semester. The mess advance will be adjusted in the month the resident leaves the Hostel.

5.5      Mess rebate @ 75% of the mess bill for the period would be given if a resident proceeds on leave for more than 7 consecutive days, excluding the days of departure and arrival, in a semester, after obtaining prior permission from the hostel authorities. No more than 25 days rebate during a semester would be admissible. The residents are required to fill the Mess Rebate form before proceeding on leave. No mess rebate will be given to guests.

5.6 The schedule of fee payments is as under:

            First/ Odd Semester (July – December):         At the time of admission.

            Second/ Even Semester (January – May):        Latest by 15th January, 2018.

            Charges (January-May): C + 2500×5 = 13,050 (Fee)+12,500 (Mess Fee) + 2250 (GST) = Rs. 27,800/-.

5.7       The Mess would close down during vacations and would start functioning one day before the University reopens. In summer, the Mess would close in the last week of May.

E: Foreign Students

Foreign Students are required to pay an additional fee of $100 as onetime payment (non-refundable), besides that mentioned in categories A, B, C & D, at the time of admission.

 Refund on Cancellation/Withdrawal of Admission

5.8    In case a student applies for withdrawal within a week from the date of fee payment, then all fees except admission fee, i.e. Rs. 200/-, will be refunded to her.

In other cases, only the Caution Money and Mess Advance will be refunded after the resident has paid all her dues and vacated the room allotted to her. All refunds will be made by direct bank transfer.

5.9    The Caution Money can be claimed within a month of vacating the Hostel after clearing all Hostel dues. The same must be claimed within a period of six months after leaving the Hostel; otherwise, it will lapse. No interest will be paid for the Caution Money & Mess Advance deposited.

Hostel fee will be accepted by online payment only. No fee will be accepted in cash or by cheque/ Demand Draft. The resident will receive links from the bank for fee payment and Mess dues payment on her registered mobile number. It is the duty of the resident to ensure that her mobile number is kept updated with the office. She must inform the office if she does not receive the payment link by January 5.

Late Payment of Fees

5.10     Fees are payable in advance. The fees for the even semester should be submitted by the 15th of January. After the 15th of January, a fine of Rs. 100/- would be charged till January 31, after which the fine will be charged @ Rs. 200/- if payment is made by the 15th of February. The fine will apply separately to the semester and mess fees. If the student still fails to pay the fees, her admission will be cancelled without further notice.

5.11     A resident who fails to pay the semester and/ or mess dues for more than one month (by February 15) will be required to vacate the Hostel accommodation with immediate effect. The resident may, however, be re-admitted with the permission of the Provost, on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- latest by the end of February, together with the requisite fine for late payment (Rs. 300/- each) and clearing of all dues.

5.12     The residents going on long leave with prior permission are also required to pay the Hostel fees for the stipulated period of leave in advance.

5.13     The entire fee for the semester, as well as the Annual charges, are payable by the resident, whatever her date of joining or vacating the hostel during the semester. However, with the permission of the Provost, the resident may pay the monthly charges on guest basis till the end of the semester.

Note: Annual/ Semester fees are non-refundable.